Status of this blog, May 2016

In the 10 months since this blog was created there have been 14 postings covering the lives of Richard and Wakaiwa (Rawinia) Barrett and the many Honeyfield’s and their extended family, stretching almost 170 years from 1807 to 1974 and reaching back much earlier – to the arrival of our Maori ancestors in Aotearoa in around 1350, and our English ancestry going back to the 17th century, with historical roots going back to Roman Britain.

Much of the source material has come from descendants, supplemented with my own research. Many of the initial postings have been refreshed with new information and analysis.

I have no doubt there is much more material to add… which will hopefully happen over time. But for now, I have posted that which is available to me right now. Please contact me if you have anything to add.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy what is here.

Paul Roberts



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