Kia ora – about this site

This site is a collaboration between those who share a common bond to develop an online repository of information about our tūpuna/ancestors, Richard (Dicky) Barrett and his wife Waikawa Rāwinia, the numerous Honeyfield siblings who emigrated from Dorset, England, and the lives of their descendants in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

We aim to include as much as we can about our whakapapa, hapū and our iwi, Te Ātiawa.

Much of the material covers people and events in New Zealand of historical significance, including:

  • hundreds of years of Māori history in Taranaki prior to colonisation, including the so-called ‘Musket Wars’ between tribes
  • pioneering European traders, farmers and whalers who, with their families, lived with and fought alongside Māori
  • Māori land sales to the New Zealand Company and subsequently to the Crown in the settlement of New Plymouth and surrounding areas, including Tataraimaka
  • participation in wars between Māori and the Crown
  • tracking the lives of Barrett / Honeyfield decedents over six generations in New Zealand.

As more material becomes available and with ongoing research, the various postings will be revised on a regular basis, and new postings will go up.

The following people – all descendants of Honeyfields – have contributed material to the site:

Robin Beaty

Anne Hodgson

Kevin Honeyfield

John Honeyfield

Julie Adele Johns

Ron McLean

Andrew Morgan

Paul Roberts (Editor)

Anne Hodgson provided a great deal of information from her 40 years of research.

Ron McLean’s Master’s thesis on Dicky Barrett has provided a substantial evidence base for five of the postings on this site.

Kevin Honeyfield’s speaking notes on a bus tour held as part of the 2015 Honeyfield family reunion provided very useful anecdotes and information.

Kevin Honeyfield collated/wrote much of the material in the documents prepared for the Honeyfield 150 celebrations.

Paul Roberts has supplemented the material with additional research and has authored all of the postings on the site. Paul is also responsible for developing and administering this website.

If you would like to contact Paul please fill in the form below:


5 thoughts on “Kia ora – about this site

  1. Jason Fleming

    Jason Fleming (grandson of Eunice Fleming (nee Honeyfield).

    It is great to learn more of the history of the Honeyfield families. Will you be able to a post family tree in due course?
    Many thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul Roberts Post author

      Hi Jason, thanks for your comment. Good to see you’re getting something out of it. Putting up family trees is a possibility but there are alternative too, such as We could connect there if you are interested … that invite extends to others too! Cheers, Paul


    2. Paul Roberts Post author

      Hi Jason,

      I’ve looked into the family tree situation & decided to develop a Barrett Honeyfield oriented site on Let me know what you think!


  2. Jason Fleming

    Hi Paul – sorry just revisited and seen your message.I will work on getting our details of families for uploading. Thanks and regards Jason


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